Why should I use a Staffing Company?

If you are an employee looking for your next career opportunity then Cutting-Edge Business Solutions, LLC is the right place to be. We help prospective employees get connected to a vast employment network and professional community which allows them access to multiple employment opportunities within a large network in New Mexico.

If you are a business looking to fill a position within your organization than look no further! Cutting-Edge Business Solutions, LLC will provide you with a valuable network of highly skilled and qualified professionals looking for their next career opportunity. We do not charge any fee’s to either the candidate or employees, and will provide the highest level of client satisfaction and employee excellence GARUNTEED. Give us a call today to see how we can best serve you with our multiple hiring options available!

Is there a Fee?

Cutting-Edge Business Solutions, LLC will never charge a fee of any kind to applicants or employees.

What types of Jobs do We have?

Cutting-Edge Business Solutions, LLC has four Divisions that we specialize in:

  • Administrative/Clerical Division – Staffs all types of different office roles, from entry-level office support to senior-level administrators and office managers for a wide variety of industries.
  • Information Technology/Engineer Division – Staffs all types of diverse and specialized IT, technical, and Engineering opportunities. We work with many incredible organizations throughout New Mexico.
  • Professional Division – Staffs human resource, accounting, finance, sales/marketing professionals, executive, and managerial positions.
  • Manufacturing/Light Industrial Division – Staffs people in assembly, warehouse, and production facilities.

How Do I Apply?

Cutting-Edge Business Solutions, LLC makes it easy for you to submit your application/resume. Simply call and speak to one of our dedicated professionals or submit your resume via email to careers@CEBsolution.com. Contact us now to see how we can provide you with excellent service for your next career move.

How long will my Application stay on File?

If Cutting-Edge Business Solutions, LLC has not placed you in a position within 6 months of applying and has not received any further contact from you than your file will become inactive.