Are you an Employer looking to fill a position with a skilled and professional employee? Cutting-Edge Business Solutions, LLC, is dedicated to help you find the perfect candidate for your business!

Cutting-Edge Candidate Sourcing

Cutting-Edge Business Solutions, LLC, is dedicated to sourcing the best talent by using Cutting-Edge matching technology combined with 8+ plus years of Business Development and Recruiting expertise in helping businesses grow throughout New Mexico. All of our candidates go through Cutting-Edge Business Solutions extensive pre-screening, background, and interview process. We also administer job and industry specific testing and assessments upon request.

Multiple Staffing Options

Cutting-Edge Business Solutions, LLC has multiple staffing options to provide your business with the best solution possible. Our mission is to help your business grow by providing multiple options to hire the most qualified and talented people possible for your organization. These staffing options include:

  • Direct Hire – This is an excellent option available for when your business has limited time to get a critical position filled in a limited amount of time. We will provide your business with qualified candidates that will meet the specific skill set and requirements that your business needs to fill that position.
  • Long Term Growth – This is one of our specialties! Cutting-Edge Business Solutions, LLC has one of the best and most extensive background and screening programs to ensure the best and most reliable results your business needs for its employment positions. We understand the dedication and commitment needed to make this selection process the most reliable and dependable it can be to help your growing organization be the most successful.
  • Short Term Growth – This is one of the best options for any business that has an upcoming deadline for critical positions they need filled in a short amount of time. Let us know the timeline that you need these positions filled and we can find the skilled and qualified candidates your business needs in a professional and timely manner.